Facilitating a relationship between the local church and local hospitals to fill the needs of families with medically fragile children.


There is no connection between non-local families inside the hospital to their faith communities.


We facilitate these relationships by providing churches with an actionable model they can implement. It will include a meal program, youth program, prayer program, and a fourth program specific to a hospital units need.


Making a Difference:

“She started praying and I could feel it, it was the craziest thing, the whole room went quiet and I was just listening to her pray. You could feel it.”

– Steven’s Mom, UNC Children’s Hospital


“This work is so important. If we can help 1 person have less pain in their heart for 1 day, 1 afternoon, or 1 hour then it is worth doing.”

– DTM volunteer

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This is heaven

In loving memory of Megan Dean and Evline Thomas