Called to Ministry

Called to Ministry (CTM) is a monthly meeting for any ministry leaders, staff, and volunteers to encourage one another in their ministry journey.

Our faith must be strong to walk on our faith journey with Jesus. This is especially true as we enter into a life of ministry. We face unique challenges and need unique encouragement to continue pushing forward in our ministry role. To be surrounded by other folks in ministry who can understand and relate to your journey is something that nourishes your soul. It is the community that we crave. God doesn’t want us to walk this path feeling alone or discouraged, so let’s love each other and support one another throughout it.

Join me monthly as we meet to discuss what it means to be called to ministry. We will encourage one another, share resources, and pray for each other. You are obedient. You are brave. You have incredible faith. You are doing the Lords work. You need encouragement too. 

Nicolette Moinet,
Executive Director and Founder of the Dean Thomas Moinet Foundation

CTM curriculum flyer