Families traveling to UNC & Duke Hospitals for their child’s treatment are generally leaving their support systems behind. They need the support of the community and local church to meet their needs.

How are your donations changing lives?

  • You are providing home cooked meals to families in need of comfort
  • You are providing free and healthy food options to the food pantry on the hospital units
  • You are providing tangible resources such as books that can be given to families in need
  • You are helping to facilitate relationship between the local church and local hospital
  • You are contributing to the overhead costs that are needed to run DTM (salaries, administrative supplies, marketing materials etc.)

I will make a difference!

Become a “Fragile Friend” today!

Fragile Friends” are those who partner with us through monthly giving. These friends systematically and generously contribute to the overhead costs that fund DTM, it’s programs, and our collaboration with local churches. Your donation will bring support to families in the hospitals, which will bring them closer to Christ. Each friendship is a one-time gift of $480 or $40  in monthly gifts.

Make me a Fragile Friend!

Give Back Birthdays!

Dedicate your birthday to DTM! Instead of presents, invite loved ones to donate to our cause, and share the blessings of your special day with those in need. In-kind donations are always welcome and are a very important contribution!

In-Kind Donation List- DTM Foundation

Community Partners

“DTM’s staff and volunteers have shown remarkable generosity in their care and have demonstrated their fearlessness while engaging patients and families under the most difficult conditions. This vital partnership with the DTM Foundation has been the source of strength and admiration for the Children’s Hospital staff who so often need to reach out to colleagues for similar support and friendship.”

– Ken Steenson, MSW, LCSW Pediatric Social Worker & Palliative Care Specialist at UNC Hospital

  • UNC Hospital
  • Duke Hospital
  • Me Fine Foundation
  • Ronald McDonald House
  • Summit RDU Church
  • Hope Community Church
  • Luka the Lion Foundation
  • Fragile Friends