Our organization is 100% volunteer-driven, meaning that DTM would not run without people like you who give their valuable time towards our mission. There are four levels of volunteering within DTM based on your availability and desired area to serve. You can read those opportunities below. Volunteers are required to attend a short interest meeting followed by a full day training, and you can find steps on how to become a volunteer at the bottom of the page.


How to Become a Volunteer

1. Attend an interest meeting.

We require all interested volunteers to attend an interest meeting prior to the full day training to make sure that this volunteer opportunity is a good fit for you. Becoming a volunteer requires a full day training and a year-long commitment. This interest meeting will be used to answer your questions and tell you more about our organization and the areas you can serve. Sign up to attend an interest meeting here. Locations and time vary.

2. Attend the full-day Compassionate Crisis Training. 

Following the interest meeting, interested volunteers are required to attend the full-day compassionate crisis training that consists of teaching modules that will educate volunteers on the needs of families in crisis in the hospitals through a workshop-style approach. This will allow you to both get to know one another as well as have personal reflection time with God. We will cover physical needs, emotional needs, and spiritual needs of families in the hospitals as well as grief, trauma, and our role as compassionate crisis volunteers and how we can best show God’s love to them during this time. Locations and time vary and will be discussed at interest meetings.

If you need information not found here, email our Volunteer Services.

Volunteer Opportunities

DTM Program Opportunities

NOTE: Volunteers can sign up more than once a month for these opportunities.

-Comfort Cooks main meal & bakers (Sign up here for UNC)
-Comfort Cooks servers within the hospital (Sign up here for UNC)
-Comfort Cooks on Call bakers and main meal (24-48 hours notice)
-Comfort Cooks on Call “crisis team” who serve inside hospitals (24-48 hours notice)
-Special Events Volunteers
-Y.O.U.T.H. Charge volunteers (ages 13-18)
-Kidz4Kidz 2016/2017 Volunteer Campaign (ages 12 and under)

DTM Committee Members

  • Fundraising Committee: meets monthly to help with development and event planning to help the organization reach its financial goals
  • Strategic Planning Committee: meets monthly to help with model development and execution to stir the vision and future of this organization
  • Internal Support Committee: meets monthly to assist with volunteer education and training
  • Family Support Committee: meets monthly to assist with program development and evaluation
  • Y.O.U.T.H. Charge Committee: 8 youth (13-18 yrs. of age) will meet every other month to create opportunities for youth to serve

Contact Nicolette Moinet here if you’re interested in serving on one of our committees.

DTM Weekly Volunteers

Use your expertise to help our nonprofit grow! (Examples: graphic design, video editing, grant writing, support program leadership)  Contact Nicolette Moinet here if you’re interested in using your gifts to serve.

DTM Board Member

We are always accepting passionate, hardworking, and spiritually motivated individuals to join our board! This is the highest level of involvement and largest time commitment within DTM, where members will be in charge of all nonprofit policy and program decisions. Contact Nicolette Moinet here if interested in applying.