Our organization is 100% volunteer-driven, meaning that DTM would not run without people like you who give their valuable time towards our mission. There are four levels of volunteering within DTM based on your availability and desired area to serve. You can read those opportunities below. Volunteers are required to attend a short mandatory training, and you can find steps on how to become a volunteer at the bottom of the page.

DTM One Time/Monthly Opportunities

NOTE: Volunteers can sign up more than once a month for these opportunities.

-Comfort Cooks main meal & bakers (Sign up here for UNC | Duke)
-Comfort Cooks servers within hospital (Sign up here for UNC | Duke)
-Comfort Cooks on Call bakers and main meal (24-48 hours notice)
-Comfort Cooks on Call “crisis team” who serve inside hospitals (24-48 hours notice)
-Bubble Ball Tournament & Special Events Volunteers
-Y.O.U.T.H. Charge volunteers (ages 13-18)
-Kidz4Kidz 2016/2017 Volunteer Campaign (ages 12 and under)

DTM Committee Members

-Fundraising Committee: 8 members will gather monthly to discuss and execute each fundraising event to help the organization reach their financial goals. This includes our 2nd Annual Bubble Ball Tournament Fundraiser in Sept/Oct.
-Y.O.U.T.H. Charge Committee: 8 youth (13-18 yrs. of age) will meet every other month to create opportunities for youth to serve

DTM Weekly Volunteers

Use your expertise to help our nonprofit grow! (Examples: graphic design, video editing, support program leadership) Find more information about these opportunities here. Current needs are as followed:

-Kidz4Kidz Campaign Coordinator Volunteer
-Grant Writing Support Volunteer
-Research Assistant Volunteer
-Marketing and Communications Volunteer
-Social Media Volunteer

DTM Board Member

We are always accepting passionate, hardworking, and spiritually motivated individuals to join our board! This is the highest level of involvement and largest time commitment within DTM, where members will be in charge of all nonprofit policy and program decisions. Contact Nicolette Moinet here if interested in applying.

How to Become a Volunteer

There are some requirements for volunteering with DTM. We’ll need the following:

-Completed application
-Signed Confidentiality, Photo Release, and Liability Release forms
-Flu shot
-One-year commitment

If you’re interested in becoming a volunteer, follow the steps below.

1. Fill out these forms.
Click here to download the volunteer application forms. Either email them to our Volunteer Services or bring them with you to your scheduled training.

2. Sign up to attend a volunteer training.
Volunteer trainings are offered at various times throughout the year. We require anyone who is interested in becoming a volunteer to attend a one-hour training to learn more about DTM and the many ways to volunteer (Choose a session here).

If you need information not found here, email our Volunteer Services.