Spiritual Support

So many families are away from their church home when traveling for their child’s treatment, and some do not have a church home at all. DTM aims to make prayer as accessible as possible by providing spiritual support and intentional encouragement to these families.

How does faith affect us?

  • Spiritual practices often improve coping skills and social support, create feelings of optimism and hope, promote healthy behavior, and reduce feelings of depression and anxiety, as well as encouraging a sense of relaxation.
  • The ability to have hope in your life can positively affect your bodies functioning both physically as well as psychologically. This is key during times of trauma. The ability to live with hope verses fear not only plays a huge part in perception of information and circumstances but it plays a huge part in decision making. Hope also has a direct correlation to a positive outcome.
  • Faith increases the body’s resistance to stress
  • A survey found that 85% of US Doctors believe religious faith can help patients have a good outcome. Doctors observe that patients with strong religious faith are more optimistic and recover more quickly. Doctors say that churches and other religious organizations are needed to provide emotional and practical support to patients.

Why does this matter for families in the hospitals?

  • The emotional state of a parent or caregiver of a sick child, such as feeling supported or not, has a direct effect on how they can handle the stress of their circumstances. If they feel supported they can then spread that hope and positivity to their child.
  • Spiritual support offers peace of mind and security as their needs are being seen and met by their community.
  • Although there may be things about their child’s illness that the families do not have control over, the healing spirit within the mind and body has the power to influence their sense of well-being in a positive manner, which directly benefits their relationship with their sick child. Having spiritual support can bring a sense of peace, comfort and gratitude for what they value in life and have the hope that they are not in this alone.
  • There are often moments of questioning faith and reconnecting with faith. Spiritual support is needed during these times to help with feelings of abandonment, anger, and the search for answers as to “why” this is happening to their child. Prayer can offer solace and considerable comfort during times when nothing else makes sense. Prayer can bring you comfort and strength during trials

If you need spiritual support:

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