Mission & Values

Our Mission

To provide churches with relief programs to serve families inside the hospital.

We are a Christian organization that believes churches can bring healing to families in crisis! By giving local churches access to serve these families through our relief programs, it is our prayer that families will feel supported in their faith while seeking treatment for their child.

Our Values

Love Deeply. We value compassion and gentleness in the way that we support families in need. This is because we genuinely care about the relationships we form with families, churches, and hospital staff. By focusing on encouragement instead of charity, we believe that we can show others the love of Christ.

Dig In. Our goal is to be available for families through the ups and downs of their child’s treatment. We care about being present even in the most difficult times of grief because no family should battle their child’s treatment alone. By understanding what their needs are, we aim to fulfill those needs and offer the best support.

Head to Toe. We believe in holistic care and support including spiritual, emotional, and physical support. Each of our relief programs are focused on this approach.

Partnering with Churches

Spiritual support is the most essential component of our relief programs, and we believe local churches can help meet the needs of families in crisis. We bridge the gap between churches and hospitals by creating access for church members to serve –  through a meal program, youth program, or a third program specific to a hospital unit’s need. Through these partnerships, we will bring prayer and healing to those in seemingly hopeless situations. If you are a church who is interested in partnering with us, contact us today!

Who are families in crisis?

We strive to help families with the greatest level of need and least amount of resources available to them, regardless of diagnosis. To receive services, the following must apply:

  • Their child is between birth and 18 years of age
  • Their child is medically fragile. This means the child has complex health care needs due to their diagnosis such as a weak immune system, which prevents them from being in group settings. They may also have a need for specialized in-home health care, and frequent and lengthy visits to the hospital.
  • Their child is receiving treatment at Duke Hospital or UNC Children’s Hospital
  • They are displaced from traveling to receive medical treatment for their child’s diagnosis. (Examples: families that live in another county, outside of NC, or outside of the USA)
  • Their eligibility to receive aide from other nonprofits or hospital resources is not an option or their needs are not being met
  • A social worker or other relevant professional can attest to this information and the needs of the family not being met

Looking for a way to help these families? Partner with us by getting involved!